General information about Phrase-Lock

Is Phrase-Lock safe?
The managed login data of the Phrase-Lock app cannot be decrypted without the corresponding USB-Key. Its master key is only communicated to the smartphone on which the USB-Key was previously installed. The USB-Key itself is protected against multiple installation and can be left connected to the PC, because it has no value for unauthorized persons! If a component – smartphone or USB-Key – is actually lost, it can be replaced. With a backup, the original status can be easily restored.

Phrase-Lock offers multifactorial protection for the stored login data. The “have something element” consists of a smartphone and USB-Key, the “know something element” is your individual master key of your USB-Key. Of course, this also includes the fingerprint or PIN code of your cell phone. In practice, this protects your login data even if everything gets lost.

Am I independent with Phrase-Lock?
Yes, with Phrase-Lock you are completely independent! Many solutions, most of them are based on additional software, only work to a limited extent! You can store passwords or credit card data in any browser, but then this only works with this browser or only on a specific computer. Phrase-Lock stands for independency from computers, operating systems, browsers and programs. All you need is a free USB port.
Of course, we also offer additional services and functions for professional use, such as the synchronisation of login data between several persons and USB-Keys. However, we do not force anyone to use these services, nor they are a prerequisite. With a Phrase-Lock USB-Key and the app on your smartphone, you have everything you need to protect and use your login data.

The Phrase-Lock app is available for iOS devices from version 12.1, for Android from version 6.0 and for the Phrase-Lock USB-Key you need a free USB slot on your computer.

Where is Phrase-Lock made?
All software was produced in Austria. The infrastructure of the operator iPoxo IT GmbH is located on Austrian soil and is subject to the applicable data protection regulations. The hardware of the USB-Key is a European development, manufactured in Europe, USA or Far East.

Questions in case of loss

What happens if I lose my cell phone?
If you lose your phone, it is unfortunate, but your data is not at risk. Because without the USB-Key no data can be read out. Even if the finder actually manages to “crack” the phone’s memory: the encrypted data cannot be decrypted without a USB-Key. This is technically impossible due to the AES-256 encryption.

IIn practice, it is often recommended to use at least two USB-Keys. One for work and one for home. The USB-Keys therefore can be left plugged in and do not have to be transported or stored.

What happens if I lose my USB-Key?
If you lose a USB-Key, you can order a new one from us and restore a backup that you (hopefully) have previously created. Under „How To – Encrypt & Backup“ bzw. „How To – Restore backup“  you will find the necessary instructions.


The USB-Key cannot be installed
If a USB-Key cannot be installed after one or two attempts, or if it appears that the phone is not communicating with your USB-Key, but all the required rights are set, please follow the steps below. On some Android phones the Phrase-Lock USB-Key can only be installed with some “support”. After that, however, everything works without problems.

1) Unplug the USB-Key
2) If you have already installed a USB-Key, unplug it and deactivate the “USB-Key search” function under “SECURITY & SERVICE” in the settings.
3) Close the app and remove it from the list of running apps. (DO NOT UNINSTALL OR DELETE!)
4) Switch Bluetooth off and on again. Disconnect or switch off other Bluetooth devices if necessary
5) Restart the Phrase-Lock App
6) Reconnect the USB-Key
7) Try the installation again
If these steps do not work, restart your phone and try again.

I want to install my USB-Key on a new phone, but it doesn’t work…
The installation restriction is removed. From now on you can install your USB-Keys on as many smartphones as you like. All new ordered USB-Keys can now be installed on as many smartphones as you like without any restrictions. For all USB-Keys bought before this date, we need the written confirmation of our customers (email or post) that we may remove the previous installation restriction. If desired, the installation restriction may stay in place or be activated again.
Please note: In the current app versions the overwriting of the master key by another phone on which a USB-Key is installed cannot be prevented! In worst case, login data can be lost or become invalid. If you have any questions about the risks, please contact us.
If you have bought a new cell phone and want to install your USB-Key there, you first have to uninstall the USB-Key on the old cell phone (please make a current backup first). If you have forgotten to do so and your old phone has been deleted or is no longer available, please contact us. We will then activate your USB-Key for a new installation.
Please note: For security reasons it is not possible to install and operate a USB-Key on more than one device. This security mechanism can, in a case such as described here, be revoked for a certain period of time. However, the simultaneous use of a USB-Key on several cell phones can lead to data loss and the expiration of the license.

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