Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS?
There are many reasons why one smartphone is preferred over the other. The discussion about this is sometimes quite heated. We have found that there are differences, but these are not important for Phrase-Lock, or that we have been able to adjust and compensate for the differences. In this respect, it is left to the user to decide which is the better choice for him or her.
We tried to make the interface and the menu navigation identical for both operating systems. Apart from a few points, this was very feasible. You can find out where there are differences here. Therefore you should be able to follow the instructions, here under „How To“, independently of Android or iOS.
Call up Edit
Data sets such as login data or categories can be edited very easily. Simply hold down the desired row a little longer and a context menu appears showing the editing options. The only difference between iOS and Android is the appearance of the menu. The contents are identical.