Phrase-Lock USB-Keys

The strong second factor for your security

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Phrase-Lock Apps

The ultimate password manager for your USB keys - stay secure online and offline

Secure passwords like J9T5Ajdg]wsy$(7PaEBK are very cumbersome to type in manually. Also, you can't permanently remember multiple passwords like this one. Without secure passwords, however, you cannot safely travel through the digital world.

Phrase-Lock enters secure passwords for you, quickly and reliably. With Phrase-Lock, nothing stands in the way of the use of qualitatively secure passwords. You already have everything you need in half - your smartphone. Now a Phrase-Lock USB-Key is missing and you can check off the password problem once and for all.
Secure passwords with Phrase-Lock
For your computer, the Phrase-Lock USB-Key is a keyboard used to enter passwords, for the Phrase-Lock password manager app, the USB-Key is the master key that protects your login data.

You just tap once on the desired account and automatically the password, and if necessary also the user name, are entered into the login mask, as if you would enter it manually, only much faster and completely error-free.
How does the USB-Key work?

The Top 7 Advantages

Multifactorial security through physical separation of data and key
Enter login data via the USB-Key just like with a keyboard - but faster!
Independent of operating systems , browsers or user software
No periodic and annoying master passwords required
Also supports virtualization such as Citrix ™, VMware ™ or Remote Desktop
Can be used for data- and hard disk encryption
Supports Auto-Fill for direct password entry on your smartphone.